Import Demo

After activating RealtyPack, you will be able to import some predefined demo data to help inspire the creation of your own website or to simply offer some guidance. To import a demo follow below steps:

  1. Important: Before you install the demo you should make the edits to your wp-config.php file, as described in the WordPress Installation section.
  2. Follow this path to view the demos: WordPress Admin > RealtyPack > Demo Importer
  3. From this page, you may preview demos and import demos. Once you have decided on a demo, click “Import”
  4. After choosing the demo, you may be asked to install some required plugins.
  5. Wait for the import to be completed. Do not refresh or navigate to a new page during this process. It can take up to 15 minutes. Once the demo has been imported, you should receive a message that says, “Demo Imported Successfully”